Please restarting the browser by shutting down the browser completely and opening it again. 

If the issue continues please try the below:

Flipp uses a standard web technology called WebGL to power the rich flyer viewing experience. You will need to have this enabled in order to view the optimal flyer experience; alternatively you will be shown a grid view of all of the items in the flyer.

  1. Check if your web browser supports WebGL and if it is enable:
  2. If your web browser supports WebGL but it is disabled, enable it following these steps:

Please note: there is currently an issue with Chrome version 54 that is affecting some users and Google is working on a fix. You can check you Chrome version by going to  chrome://version/  on your Chrome browser. You may try the steps in point #2 above to disable and re-enable WebGL as there has been limited success with that approach. Otherwise please try another browser such as Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Edge (for PC) or Apple Safari (for Mac)